Let's take a look at mobile development trends these days

Mobile tech is building truly quickly and if you want to remain on top of events you require to follow the trends, which fortunately we will be outlining below.

Mobile payments may have been among the biggest developments in mobile technology in the past few years. Simply think of how countless apps there are that permit you to pay online and offline with your phone as part of mobile app future trends. Some are integrated with certain retailers, some work with a broader scope, but all essentially permit you to leave your wallet at home. The large smartphone makers currently offer NFC technology, allowing you to go with your phone like a contactless payment card practically anywhere. More and more banks are producing apps which extend banking functionality to your smartphone. Bit by bit, not just cash will be becoming obsolete but even our bankcards will begin feeling like a relic from ancient times. Definitely do continue watching this space for advancements. Follow up on something like a PayPal earnings call if you would like to have a improved idea of where things are going nowadays. This may possible feature heavily in mobile marketing trends in the future as well.

Mobile technology has developed further than we could have imagined back in the day. For one, you will find that modern mobile tech is very heavily integrated with lots of other things. For this, you can thank IoT or Internet of Things. It has resulted in wonderful things like connected (smart) homes and other delightful things. You can go with your phone to control approximately anything in your house, from your heating to your lights to your door lock. This industry is still quite nascent, so you will have to keep on watching advancements as they come. Look to the Nest team to watch what the upcoming events may be. In a few years from now, your phone might be able to do far more than previously conceivable. Keep watching smartphone trends.

Mobile technology keeps crafting really rapidly, and this happens to be potentially most particularly seen with regard to internet connectivity. Remember the ancient times when you would have a small “GPRS” sign at the top right or left corner of your screen? Can you remember download speeds in those days? You wouldn’t be able to download a song, much less a film onto your cellphone (the fact that your phone wouldn’t support video playback would be another matter completely). In modern times internet speeds are fairly rapid, but only you wait because they are about to get faster. Look to the Telecom Italia AGM or other big events among telecoms providers to check the optimism around the coming introduction of 5G technology which will make mobile speeds super fast and outcome mobile phone trends significantly.

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